At DK Landscaping and Nursery, our mission is to provide great products and services for the best interest of our clients. Our goal is to create an atmosphere and service that makes us a one stop shop for all plant, tree and landscape material needs. We strive to not only provide our product prices lower than the box stores, but also expand on the varieties as well.


Our local nursery features many excellent choices of tropicals, palms and flowers. But the products we have in stock are only beginning of how we can service our customers. We have a vast variety of products we can also special order products as well. We strive to find you the right plant for the right place.

Not only can we deliver the products directly to your space but we offer a complete installation service covering all of your landscaping needs specializing in sod, plant & tree installation, mulching and much more!



DK started his first "business" in elementary school; starting from selling candy, gum, pencils from his backpack. Little did he know, this just the beginning to the business we know and love today. In middle school, the business moved to bicycle repairs. Fixing busted tubes, brakes, and other miscellaneous repairs at the bike rack for many years. In 2009, the business changed its focus to a music themed bar and restaurant. After working in the industry, he soon realized it was not the lifestyle he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. When working for a former nursery, Oakhurst Acres Nursery, DK fell in love with the concept, but thought he can do much better. DK, now at the age of twenty in January of 2014, built a Pinellas County Certified back yard nursery which grew to 3,000 potted plants. Finally after building the knowledge and inventory, he opened his first nursery location, March 1st 2016, at The Rose Garden Florist on Seminole Blvd and 106th. DK would be open in the nursery during the morning and close in the afternoon to landscape till dark everyday. Once the property went up for sale it was only a matter of time till Rose Garden purchased a property next door and we were forced to start over in November 2017. The business was reborn to become a stronger landscape machine and additional staff were brought in. DK now became a landscape forman at the same time, the nursery was transformed at the new location. With the new landscape crew, vehicles and trailers this even smaller location became a burden to the company. After a painful search for the future home, God finally showed His plan for us by presenting a beautiful agriculture space where we are to this day. Within 30 days we cleared an acre of land to present our product and the day after closing we were open for business July 28th, 2018. After establishing the new location it then became a full scale agri-tourism business now offering many other experiences then just selling plants changing the name to DK Farms & Nursery in 2021.

About the Owner:

Hello! My name is David Koning and I love the outdoor business! Doing landscaping and yard maintenance at the beginning of my life has given me an extensive amount of plant knowledge. After working for another nursery I realized this was my passion and joy in life. During this process I eventually received my Bachelors degree in Business Management with a sub major in entrepreneurship in May 2017. I have dedicated my entire life and finances in creating what the brand of DK is today. I find joy on creating an experience at my farm that puts a stamp on the community for generations to enjoy.


Off the Job I play drums for Bridgepoint Church (Seminole Campus) almost every Sunday and have been playing since 2005.

Thank you for checking out my website and I hope for you to be apart of the many facets of what we do real soon!

- David Koning (DK)